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Interface Transmitter Signals to DeltaV Over Ethernet

Problem: We have just updated our plant with a new DeltaV control system. We have discovered that there are a few locations where we would like to have access to additional temperature and pressure points for alarming in the DeltaV Alarm Manager. However, we cannot justify the high cost of installing DeltaV I/O for just a few points. Do you offer any cost-effective I/O solutions that could connect to our DeltaV over our existing plant Ethernet backbone?

Interface Transmitter Signals to DeltaV Over Ethernet Problem Solvers Moore Industries
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Solution: Use the NCS NET Concentrator System® to gather data from the additional monitoring sites and send the data back to the DCS over the existing 10/100Base-T Ethernet backbone. The NCS is available with an OPC server that can be loaded onto any PC or the DeltaV workstation. Since DeltaV supports OPC, you can use our more affordable NCS I/O as a front end to the alarm manager software.

Model Number Examples
EMM / COM / SM / 20-30DC [DIN]
AIM / IO / AI4 / IP [DIN]