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Interface with AB PLCs in High Ambient Temperatures

Problem: We have several tank farms in the field where we need to monitor the tank level. Our remote I/O has failed in the past due to high ambient temperature conditions of 122°F (50°C). Is there a field I/O system that can handle these extreme conditions and can also communicate with my plant-standard Allen-Bradley PLCs?

Interface with AB PLCs in High Ambient Temperatures Problem Solvers Moore Industries
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Solution: Able to handle even the most extreme ambient temperature conditions, the NCS NET Concentrator System® operates in ambient temperature ranges of up to 185°F (85°C). Using a ProLinx Modbus/TCP-to-Ethernet/IP communication gateway, you can take all of your field signals from the harsh environments and transmit them back to your Allen-Bradley PLC on the plant’s existing Ethernet network. In addition, the NCS isolates the signals to prevent ground loops and can supply loop power to each of your 2-wire level transmitters.

Model Number Examples
EMM / COM / SM / 20-30DC [DIN]
AIM / IO / AI4 / IP [DIN]