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Interface Solution Line Card Moore Industries CoverInterface Solutions Line Card

When you need to interface field processes with computer-based systems, readout equipment, and other instrumentation, Moore Industries provides the technology, services and expertise to help you do it in an efficient, safe and cost-effective manner. Download our latest line card, which shows our full product line.



Alarm Trips the Ups and Downs Line Card Moore Industries CoverAlarm Trips: The Ups and Downs Line Card

When something happens in your plant, whether it's a signal peak or fall, you have to know about it. A limit alarm trip can be a lifesaver, triggering the response needed to maintain normal, safe operations. Gary Prentice of Moore Industries covers how to use alarm trips to monitor a process and activate a warning or shutdown in the event of an undesirable high or low process condition.



Functional Safety Line Card Moore Industries CoverFunctional Safety Series IEC 61508/61511 Solutions Line Card

Whether you are adding a single safety loop, have a few points to isolate, need to measure temperature points, or need to augment a larger Safety Instrumented System, Moore Industries FS Functional Safety Series of instruments are here to assist. Our FS Series products are designed and built in compliance with IEC 61508, the leading worldwide functional safety standard.



Temperature Solutions Line Card Moore Industries CoverTemperature Solutions Line Card

When it comes to ready-to-install temperature assemblies, Moore Industries is your one-stop shop. This line card details the different temperature solutions we offer, including The WORM® Flexible RTD and Thermocouple Sensors. You can also read about our Universal PC-Programmable, Smart HART®, and Fieldbus Temperature Transmitters, Connection Heads, and Enclosures, Thermowells, Flanges and Fittings.



Signal Transmission Isolation and Conversion Solutions Line Card Moore Industries CoverSignal Transmission, Isolation and Conversion Solutions Line Card

Moore Industries Signal Isolators, Converters and Splitters protect your process by converting, isolating, splitting, boosting and stepping down process signals so field instruments can interface directly with indicators, recorders, DCS, PLC, Asset Management, Control and SCADA systems. With a wide variety of products, you’ll be able to find the right one to fit your signal isolation or conversion needs.




MooreHawke Line Card Moore Industries Cover

FOUNDATION Fieldbus™ and PROFIBUS PA Device Couplers and Power Supplies

MooreHawke products create a fast and easy way to connect, protect, power and terminate multiple Fieldbus devices in FOUNDATION fieldbus™ and PROFIBUS PA segments. This line card shows the range of Fieldbus Device Couplers and Power Supplies made by MooreHawke, including the TRUNKGUARD® Fieldbus System, TRUNKSAFE® Fault-Tolerant Fieldbus System and the ROUTE-MASTER™ Split Architecture Intrinsically-Safe Fieldbus System.




Industrial Remote IO Solutions Line Card Moore Industries CoverIndustrial Remote IO Solutions Line Card

Moore Industries has responded to the demand for rugged remote I/O solutions with a line of products that simplifies the transmission of process signals from the field or plant floor to control elements such as monitoring and control systems. This line card shows how our industrial remote I/O products including the WNM Wireless Network Module and the NCS NET Concentrator System® can work in almost any environment and create a virtually limitless range of operations.



Power Plant Line Card Moore Industries CoverAutomation and Instrument Solutions for Power Plant Applications

Maintaining, repairing and upgrading power plants presents unique challenges, as many plants are older and use legacy equipment. In some cases, the companies that provided the original instrumentation no longer exist. In other instances, monitoring and control requirements have changed, requiring an investment in new infrastructure. This line card highlights the power plant solutions offered by Moore Industries, including a full range of sensors, instrumentation, and data communications systems to ease the pain of replacing and linking legacy instruments with existing equipment and new control strategies.



Natural Gas Applications Moore Industries CoverAutomation and Instrument Solutions for Oil and Natural Gas Well Head Applications

There is a need in the oil and natural gas extraction industries for continuous monitoring and control of wellheads. In many cases, this needs to happen at sites that are located in remote and disparate sites, creating additional challenges. This line card shows the types of interface solutions that Moore Industries has for low power oil and natural gas applications, including solutions of monitoring temperature, pressure and flows conditions, gas extraction, processing, storage and transport and tank and pipeline cathodic protection.