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Utilize Fiber Links for Critical Remote Signals

Problem: We have a couple of critical 4-20mA signals in remote locations that need to be brought into our DCS for trending and alarming. These signals are critical to our day-to-day production schedules. Can the NET ConcentratorSystem® be used with the fiber backbones that are already in place?

Utilize Fiber Links for Critical Remote Signals Problem Solvers Moore Industries
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Solution: By implementing fiber switches, a redundant fiber ring can be established between the remote locations and the control room. The NCS can then accept the 4-20mA signals from the field and transport them via fiber to the control room where they are converted by the NCS back to the original 4-20mA signals.

Model Number Examples
EMM / COM / SM / 20-30DC [DIN]
AIM / IO / AI4 / IP [DIN]
AOM / IO / AO4 / IP [DIN]