Rugged instrumentation for reliable measurement and control

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Tech Writing  and Marketing Communications

Do you have experience writing instructional content for B2B tech products? Are you eager to learn more about the technology and the target industries so that you can write more effectively? Do you write content for engineers that is clear, concise, accurate and easy to understand?  Do you also have experience in writing marketing content for engineers?

If you said yes to these questions, then we have the position for you. The Marketing and Tech Communications Specialist position at Moore Industries is a technical writing role, covering the spectrum from instructional and technical content to blog posts and marketing copy. It is a position that gives you a spectrum of contexts to express the benefits and uses of the technology produced by Moore  Industries to engineers in the wide world of industrial process and control.

Moore Industries is a world leader in the design and manufacture of exceptionally rugged, reliable and high-quality field and DIN rail mounted instrumentation for the process monitoring and control industries.  Product lines include Temperature Transmitters and Temperature assemblies and sensors, Functional Safety Instruments; Signal Isolators and Converters; Alarm Trips and Trip Amplifiers; I/P and P/I Converters; Remote I/O and RTUs; HART® Gateways, Monitors and Interfaces; PID Controllers and Backup Stations; Indicators and Displays; Fieldbus Device Couplers; Instrument Enclosures and Panel Systems and more. We engineer, manufacture and market our products from our headquarters in Los Angeles, California. Our worldwide sales and support offices in North America,  the Middle East, Europe, China and Australia provide first-rate customer service and solutions for the chemical; petrochemical; utilities; petroleum extraction, refining; pulp and paper; food and beverage; mining and metal refining; pharmaceuticals; and biotechnology industries.

Job Description:

Responsible for creating and maintaining technical marketing materials; writing, posting and maintaining marketing news and digital content; writing or assisting in writing line cards, application material, and other marketing and promotional content and materials.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Create new and maintain existing data sheets and manuals (technical documents)
    • Maintain user manual and datasheet project tracking workbook
    • Collaborate with Engineering and Sales on technical document structure and content
    • Gather and evaluate product-related documentation such as engineering product requirements, datasheets, drawings, test instructions, software documentation, etc. as needed
    • Review configuration and related software programs to learn the operation of the software in order to write instruction copy and obtain screenshots for inclusion
    • Compose concise and comprehensible text with necessary screenshots and illustrations for the product being documented, publishing the final document in the required format or medium
    • Coordinate interdepartmental reviews of technical documentation, and write, submit, update related Engineering Change Orders (ECO)
    • Perform other required tasks for technical documentation creations and publication as needed
  • Maintain Content Calendar and develop and maintain related content such as Blog or News posts; Customer and Rep newsletter content; Social media content; other contents as media needs and changes emerge.
  • Write or assist in writing promotion content and materials for marketing projects such as product releases, print and digital advertising, events, marketing emails and automation, news releases, etc.
  • Develop or assist in developing and posting content for website, Rep Portal, SEO, relevant third-party web sites and other necessary media outlets
  • Develop and assist in the development of applications, problem solvers, technical articles, case studies, and white papers, etc.
  • Meet and follow MII Corporate Quality Systems
  • All other assigned and essential duties as required

 Submit your cover letter and resume or CV in PDF format to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..