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Interface Transmitter Signals to DeltaV Over MODBUS

Problem: We have a DeltaV control system and have remote areas where the ambient temperature gets above 65°C (150°F). The DeltaV remote I/O will not operate at ambient temperatures that high. Currently we have spare twisted pairs leading from the remote areas to our control room where the DeltaV is located. Do you have any remote I/O that communicates with DeltaV via twisted pair and has temperature specifications that exceed 65°C (150°F)?

Interface Transmitter Signals to DeltaV Over MODBUS Problem Solvers Moore Industries

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Solution: The NCS NET Concentrator System® product family provides the provision for communicating via MODBUS RTU. The NCS gathers data from our universal I/O modules and sends the data out over a RS-485 MODBUS RTU port. All of our I/O modules operate from –40°C (–40°F) to +85°C (+185°F). For critical applications, the NCS features the provision for redundant communications links.

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