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Calibration Room Moore Industries

We offer precise factory instrument calibration for a nominal charge. Our calibration service includes configuring the unit to match your operating specifications, and calibrating the unit with the zero and span values using our precision test equipment. We deliver your unit ready-to-install with a traceable calibration report for your files.

Sensor-to-Transmitter Trimming

For temperature measurement applications where exceptional accuracy is demanded, we recommend our Sensor-to-Transmitter Trimming factory calibration. Performed in our state-of-the-art Calibration Suite, this service ensures exceptional accuracy by immersing the system's sensor in a precision calibration bath, then using the transmitter to "capture" the sensor's true readings. This method effectively compensates for errors caused by inherent sensor inaccuracies. The system is delivered configured, calibrated, and ready for installation. NIST traceable test data is supplied with each system. To request this service, just specify option –VTB in the model number of your order.

NIST Traceable Test Report

When you choose this option, we will configure your temperature transmitter and calibrate zero and span points with your supplied values using a precision simulated sensor input. NIST traceable test data indicating actual recorded values is supplied with each instrument. To request this service, just specify option –VTD in the model number of your order.

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Calibration Suite Moore Industries