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Data Monitoring Using Internet Explorer

Problem: There are points within our plant that we manually log once per day. Because they are scattered throughout the plant, it is very time-consuming for one person to cover all of these locations. Since we aren’t controlling these points, is there a way that we could inexpensively monitor them from one central location?

Data Monitoring Using Internet Explorer Problem Solvers Moore Industries
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Solution: The NCS NET Concentrator System® with an Ethernet Interface Module (EIM) features an embedded web browser. From any PC that has Internet Explorer installed, you can instantly view all process data points that are connected to the NCS. The NCS also has a built-in data logger that can be used for historical archiving should the remote PC lose communication with the measurement points.

Model Number Examples
EMM / COM / SM / 20-30DC [DIN]
AIM / IO / AI4 / IP [DIN]
DIM / IO / CC8 / IP [DIN]