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Crowded Pneumatic Cabinet Needs More Signals

Problem: To complete the upgrade of our processing line, we must transmit twice as many pneumatic signals. We must add 32 I/Ps and 16 P/Is to the control panel but have a very limited amount of space.

Crowded Pneumatic Cabinet Needs More Signals Problem Solvers Moore Industrie
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Solution: Our slim IPT2 and PIT pneumatic transducers provide superior performance in limited space. Up to eight IPT2 s or 12 PITs fit on one foot of DIN rail. All 48 of your units will fit easily into a 36”x36”x8” enclosure.

Model Number Example
IPT2 / 4-20MA / 3-15PSIG / 20PSI / -FA1 [DIN]
PIT / 3-15PSIG / 4-20MA / 12-42DC / -RTB [DIN]