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Save Money By Replacing Pneumatic Tubing

Problem: We are upgrading our brewery to a centralized DCS and eliminating pneumatic controllers. Our flow transmitters are working great and they’re staying. How can we cut the cost of running pneumatic tubing to the DCS?

Save Money By Replacing Pneumatic Tubing Problem Solvers Moore Industries
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Solution: Install a PIH Pressure-toCurrent transmitter next to your flow transmitter. This enables you to replace most of the tubing with a less costly twisted-wire pair for sending information to the DCS. Installing an IPH2 Current-toPressure Transmitter next to your DCS will cut your tubing costs from the DCS to your pneumatic control valve.

Model Number Example
PIH / 3-15PSIG / 4-20MA / 12-42DC [WDNS]
IPH2 / 4-20MA / 3-15PSIG / 20PSI / -FR1 [WDNS]