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I/P Conversion in High Vibration Environments

Problem: Vibration from the valves on my offshore oil rig is causing very jumpy valve operation on my existing I/Ps. I’m looking for an I/P converter that can accurately regulate the valve and withstand high vibration.

IP Conversion in High Vibration Environments Problem Solvers Moore Industries
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Solution: For precise pipeline valve regulation, look to our IPX Explosion-Proof Field-Mount I/P Transmitter. It converts a 4-20mA signal to a proportional 3-15psig for stable pneumatic valve control. It features NEMA 4X and IP65 ratings and operates flawlessly even when mounted next to a valve or other highvibration equipment.

Model Number Example
IPX / 4-20MA / 3-15PSIG / 20PSI [EXIP]