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Positive Displacement Pump and Piping Protection

Positive displacement pumps are used where the viscosity of the media is two too high for a centrifugal pump to move the fluid, custody transfer, or where high-pressure discharge is needed. These pumps will rapidly build pressure on the discharge side when the piping is blocked by inadvertent valve closure or other blockages. Damage to the pump, seals, and piping can be catastrophic. Scan time using a pressure transmitter and DCS may be too slow to shut down the pump before damage occurs.

PD pump and Piping protection

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The best solution is to use a dedicated alarm trip with a fast response time, such as the Moore Industries  SPA2 in conjunction with an appropriate pressure transmitter. The SPA2 continuously monitors pipeline pressure to provide early detection of changes. The SPA2’s fast response time of <256msec can trip an alarm fast enough to initiate valve execution in time to prevent or minimize damage.

Key Attributes:

  • Fast response
  • Easy set up
  • Can be located close to the process pump


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