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HES as a HART Mux (Multiplexer) for Valve Positioners

Process facilities have a significant investment in the BPCS (Basic Process Control System) and upgrading with new HART capable input cards or a new control system in order to get HART data from newer smart HART devices is often cost-prohibitive. But they still need to get HART data from key devices to optimize their process. Plus, with expanding analytics capabilities of higher-level systems and the spreading adoption of IIoT, a way is needed to get that valuable data where it can be factored into predictive analytics.

HES as a HART Mux Multiplexer for Valve Positioners

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In this example the BPCS MODBUS/TCP host for the process does not have any smart HART input cards. This existing point-to-point 4-20mA process loop uses a four-channel HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System to extract valuable PV data and diagnostics from HART smart valve positioners, and reports it to the BPCS over Ethernet using MODBUS/TCP or HART-IP, without any BPCS upgrades. This can help provide early warning for critical valves before they fall out of performance specifications or fail. Additionally, any remote computer connected to the corporate network can view any data such as diagnostics and process variables gathered by the HES via a standard web browser. 

Key attributes

HES can poll for:

  • Dynamic Variables (PV, SV, TV and QV)
  • 128 Device Variables from HART 7 devices
  • 25 Bytes of diagnostic data (Command 48) in addition to the above variables
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