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Ehelp Tip: HIX Analog Isolator Calibration

Q. I am currently working on a pharmaceutical project where we would need about 20 HIX isolators. I need to split a loop powered 4‐20mA signal with an additional loop powered 4‐20mA signal output. Do you provide calibration certificates or calibration procedures for these isolators?


A. Yes, we provide both procedures and services for calibration. The procedure instructions and diagram for the calibration are located in the Calibration section of the manual available online.

Moore Industries also offers factory calibration services. We will calibrate the HIX and provide a NIST Traceable Test Report showing the calibration data. The calibration service and NIST report is ordered by adding an option code -VTD to the HIX model number. If this service is of interest but you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

The manual is available online.