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SCX: 2-Wire Signal Current Isolator

Moore Industries’ SCX 2-Wire Signal Current Isolator provides total isolation between the signal from a non-isolated signal transmitter and a receiving device. This eliminates faulty readings in process measurement and control equipment caused by ground loops and other electrical interference.

The SCX accepts a current (4-20mA or 10-50mA) input from a transmitter or other current source. It provides a highly accurate current (4-20mA or 10-50mA) output that is proportional to the input.

The SCX is protected by a zener diode, which limits the maximum voltage drop across the unit in the event that the output load is accidently disconnected. Output impedance will not exceed 250 ohms maximum for 4-20mA (100 ohms maximum for 10-50mA) under any condition. In the event of an open output circuit, the input loop voltage drop will be limited to 15 volts.

Loop-powered on the input side, the SCX is powered from the process loop. A dedicated power supply is not required.

SCX family body

Features Include:

  • Input/output isolation. Stops ground loops and other electrical interference from affecting the accuracy of a transmitted process signal.
  • Exceptionally accurate. ±0.075% of span accuracy makes the SCX the ideal choice for demanding applications.
  • Low output ripple. 10mV P/P maximum output ripple allows precise interface with computer-based systems.
  • RFI/EMI protection. The -RF option provides resistance to the harmful effects of radio frequency and electromagnetic interference.

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