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Boosting Signals With the ECT

ECTQ: I have an application where we are getting a very weak 4-20mA signal back to the pump control panel. Will using an ECT unit (model ECT/4-20MA/4-20MA/117AC-TX (ECD) help to boost my signal at all?

A: I assume that by “weak signal” you mean that the current input to your pump control panel is unable to reach 20mA? If this is the case you may have too many devices (too much voltage drop) in your loop now. This is often referred to as an overburdened loop. You may need to check the total loop resistance to assure that it is within your required specifications. 

Adding this ECT to the loop will add 50 ohms to the input circuit, so if the resistance is already high, it will need to be reduced (possibly by moving devices to the output side of the loop). This ECT also has the ability (not required) to power the input loop (24v at 25mA), provides up to 1200 ohms of drive capability on the output side of the loop, and provides full three-way isolation between input, power and output. 

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