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HART to MODBUS Gateway – Smart Valves

Most process facilities have a lot of valves controlling chemical feedstock, finished product, steam and water. The top works (actuators) are being upgraded on most valves to include a smart HART positioner.  These positioners offer tighter control and provide a lot more diagnostic and process data.

HART to MODBUS Gateway – Smart Valves

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If your facility has smart HART positioners on valves, and you would like an efficient way to monitor these valves at a central monitoring location, consider the HCS HART Concentrator System.  The HCS is HART-to-MODBUS RTU gateway that can be multi-dropped throughout your facility on one twisted pair and connected to a central MODBUS RTU host or SCADA system.  The HCS is a HART master and polls the smart HART positioner for its process variable data points, such as stem position, stroke percentage, temperature, set point and diagnostic bits that warn of potential trouble.  This HART data is then mapped to MODBUS RTU so it can be polled remotely by a MODBUS host.  Each HCS can have up to 16 smart HART devices attached to it.

Key Attributes:

  • Queries smart HART device for process data and diagnostics
  • Converts HART data to MODBUS RTU
  • Polls up to 16 HART devices per HCS


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