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NCS NET Concentrator System Improves Efficiency and Performance of Power Plants

Performing maintenance, repairs and upgrades at modern power plants is often challenging. Many power plants are built on instrumentation from companies that no longer exist or that use technology that has become outdated. Updating plants with new technology that can improve performance and reliability can be challenging and cost-prohibitive.


Moore Industries has a full range of instrumentation that can help power plants manage their transition to modern technology. One product detailed in our Automation and Instrument Solutions for Power Plant Applications line card is the NCS NET Concentrator System®.

The NCS reduces wiring costs at older power plants by concentrating analog and discrete signals in peer-to-host and peer-to-peer architectures. The NCS can be used to send just a few, or hundreds, of process signals between the field and your control system, making it an ideal solution for creating new monitoring and control networks or for when you want to leave existing “legacy” sensors, analog instruments and valves in place, yet still take advantage of digital signal transmission.

Along with consolidating wiring, the NCS can help with several issues specific to power plants:

  • Continuously monitor boiler tube temperatures for efficiency and provide alarms to warn of trouble in the event of overheating.
  • Accurately monitor burner tip temperatures with industry-standard S-, R- and K-type thermocouples.
  • Keep track of remote cooling pump temperatures even in high or low ambient conditions of -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F).
  • Track oil tank levels in tank farms in oil-fired power plants.
  • Monitor pH and conductivity to reduce tube oxidation and calcium deposits that strain flow and cause overheating.

To see more ways that the NCS and other Moore Industries products can boost the productivity and safety of power plants, download the Automation and Instrument Solutions for Power Plant Applications line card.

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