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Boiler Burner Tip Monitoring

Steam generation is often a primary source for the heating of fluid processing, chemical processing units, and reactors and therefore maintaining efficient boiler control is critical.  Boilers can sometimes suffer flameouts due to poor fuel quality or insufficient oxygen.  TCs can be used to monitor boiler tips.  Traditionally TCs were wired directly back to a BPCS or PLC with thermocouple extension wire. 

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Thermocouple extension wire is not only expensive but can be a source or measurement error over time due to the integrity and composition of the extension wire.  When boiler tip monitoring is required consider using the NCS Net Concentrator System remote I/O.  The NCS accepts universal temperature inputs and is scalable for just a few or hundreds of I/O points.  Each NCS can then be placed on an Ethernet backbone for centralized monitoring.  If Ethernet is not an option the NCS also supports RS-485 MODBUS RTU networks.  Every NCS channel provides 500Vrms channel-to-channel isolation which is important for thermocouples.  Approved for installation in Class I Div 2/Zone 2 locations, the NCS is an ideal choice when you need a compact remote I/O solution.

Key Attributes:

  • Universal temperature inputs
  • Full channel-to-channel isolation
  • Ethernet or RS-485 network support

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