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Alarm System Added to your HPump I/O System

A temperature excursion on the HPump system motor, when discovered in time, can mean that only some minor maintenance is needed. If that same temperature excursion isn’t caught early-on, however, components such as front and rear bearings, windings, and thrust bearings can be damaged. Repairs are very costly and could impact production.

Alarm System Added to your HPump I/O System

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The Net Concentrator System (NCS), a rugged I/O system that can handle the harsh environments surrounding these pumps, will measure all the temperatures and deliver them back to the SCADA or control system as MODBUS. More importantly in terms of motor protection, the NCS I/O hardware has a simple configurable alarm capability called the Multiple Analog Alarm (MAA) that provides relays for warnings or trip functions. When the MAA feature is implemented,, the SCADA can also read the same alarm warnings and trips as MODBUS registers.

Key attributes:

  • Wide range of I/O types and number of points
  • Flexible alarm application that is configured through the on-board web server
  • Suitable for Class I Div 2/Zone 2 environments and -40 to 85C ambient operating environment

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