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High Density Temperature Monitoring

Temperature is one of the highest volume measurements in most plants. Reducing the cost of these measurements, that are often in hazardous areas, is always a top priority. 

High Density Temperature Monitoring

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When you have several temperature points that are located in safe or hazardous areas, look to the TCS Temperature Concentrator System.  The TCS consists of one or two TCMs and an HMC. The TCM is a 16 channel universal temperature multiplexer that communicates to the HMC via HART. The HMC in turn converts the HART temperature data into MODBUS RTU protocol for the BPCS to read.  The TCM can be installed in Class I Div 1/Zone 0 areas and can multiplex up to 32 channels of temperature per HMC. This drastically reduces the temperature cost per point as opposed to running sensor extension wire all the way back to the DCS or control room.

Key attributes:

  • 32 channels of multiplexed temperature reduces cost per point
  • PC programmable TCM and HMC with free programming software
  • Worldwide hazardous area approvals

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