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HART Pass-Through Signal Isolator/Repeater

Most process facilities have critical measurement variables like the pressure that if not monitored closely could cause serious injury to personnel.  Often these critical signals need to be shared with other control devices and wiring them in series with one another is not always a good idea since a failure at one receiving device renders the loop open, or in a failed state.

HART Pass-Through Signal Isolator/Repeater
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If you have critical loops like these consider looking to the HIX HART Signal Isolator.  The HIX is a rugged and reliable two-wire, output loop powered isolator with HART pass-through capability.  The HIX allows you to share that critical process variable, and any valuable HART data, with both your primary control system and your backup controller.  This affords you the protection and added safety by not having to worry about losing your primary control loop when you work on your secondary backup-side loop, and vice versa. 

Key attributes:

  • HIX provides area isolation and follows failed inputs down below 3mA
  • Class I Div 2/Zone 2 approvals
  • HART pass-through allows critical signals to be shared with the backup system


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