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Avoid Pulling New Wires

It is common knowledge that pulling new wires from the field back to the control system is very expensive especially when they transverse a hazardous area. Next time the need arises use alternate technology to avoid such costs.

Avoid Pulling New Wires

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The NET Concentrator System (NCS) family of Remote I/O hardware can easily be configured by the user to operate in what is called Peer-to-Peer mode. This means the modules in the field take the analog and discrete signals, digitizes them for transportation over a single physical layer, moves them to the control room and recreates the signals back to analog and discrete signals. To the PLC or host system, this connection method appears the same as copper wires do. The 4-20mA signal comes in on one side and out as 4-20mA on the other side. Thermocouples and RTDs come in on one side and out on the other side as 4-20mA. Discretes come in and go out as contact closures. Communications is bidirectional so signals can come in and out on both sides.

Shown in the sketch is communications via fiber optic cable. This requires RS-485 to fiber converters on each end. In most applications the user finds one pair twisted shielded copper wire for simple RS-485 communication between the field and control room. Redundant communications is also a standard feature that can be implemented with the NCS.

All configuration is accomplished without needing to be a PLC programmer. The NCS includes a web server utility that allows configuration and real time viewing of process data via any standard web browser over your Intranet (or Internet) from any PC, with proper security credentials. Alternatively, our free Intelligent PC configuration software, NCS Config, can also be used for programming and viewing of real time process data via the NCS' Ethernet port.

Key attributes:

  • All input types from 4-20mA to discrete
  • Class I, Div 2 Zone 2
  • Ambient operating temperature range from -40 to +185°F
  • Easy programming on a PC over the network from the NCS built-in web browser

Check out the datasheet and Moore Industries Online catalog for more information.


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