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Digester Gas Leak – Safety Signal Splitter

The cooking process that takes place in digesters at paper mills produces off gasses like hydrogen sulfide that, should they be accidentally released, could cause immediate suffocation of plant personnel.  For this reason, gas detectors are placed in low lying areas where gasses that are heavier than air can immediately be detected. 

Digester Gas Leak – Safety Signal Splitter

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Due to the dangerous nature of this potential leak Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are often implemented.  Often these gas detectors are also monitored by the Basic Process Control System (BPCS) too.  When this is a requirement, look to the Functional Safety Series SST Safety Splitter.  The four-wire SST is an exida approved SIL 2 capable signal splitter, with Class I Div 2/Zone 2 approval, that sends your critical process signal to two remote locations.  The SST also passes valuable HART diagnostic and process variable data through the SST in case asset managers need to view calibration or other essential diagnostic data from the field transmitter.

Key Attributes:

  • exida approved and Class I Div 2/Zone 2, SIL 2 capable for SIS loops
  • Full four-way isolation up to 500Vrms between power and all input/outputs
  • Passes critical HART data from field transmitter

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