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Automation and Instrumentation Solutions for Oil and Natural Gas Industries

Devils Tower Platform


The oil and natural gas industries rely on Moore Industries to provide them with solutions to a wide range of problems. From warning of potential safety threats over great distances to using natural gas as a pneumatic supply for current-to-pressure (I/P) transmitters at a remote site, our products allow engineers to design oil and natural gas systems that are more affordable, efficient and safer.

Want an example? New regulations forced multinational oil and gas company ENI to develop a communications link between the Devil’s Tower oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico and a drill ship more than 100km away to initiate an emergency shutdown in case of a serious event such as a “dropped object” impacting a submerged pipeline. At the same time, ENI needed a system that would not lead to false shutdowns that can cost $100,000 a day in lost production.


To meet its communications challenges, ENI developed a system across its Ethernet network using the NCS NET Concentrator System® mounted on DIN rails. Using an Ethernet Interface Module in the control rooms of the oil platform and drillships, the drillship operator can use a push button switch to sound a klaxon horn at the oil platform control room to alert them of a potential threat. In addition, if communications are lost between the drillship and the platform and human operators are not available to respond, a shutdown procedure is automatically triggered.

You can read more about ENI’s installation of the NCS by downloading this white paper

Another example of how many companies are using Moore Industries’ applications can be seen in the video below. It shows how our HCS HART® Concentrator System saves money and time by consolidating wiring and reducing power consumption at remote natural gas and oil production sites.

These are just a few of the many examples of Moore Industries’ products that are capable of solving problems specific to the oil and natural gas industries. For a more in-depth look at the full breadth of our solutions, make sure to check out our Oil and Natural Gas Well Head Line Card.

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