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Spent Nuclear Fuel Cask Temperature Monitoring

Nuclear plants are sometimes required to monitor their spent nuclear fuel onsite before sending it off for permanent disposal handing. Casks are used to store this fuel and the temperature of this spent fuel is monitored very closely looking for any rapid temperature change, which is an early alert to potential problems.

Spent Nuclear Fuel Cask Temperature Monitoring

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The NCS Net Concentrator System Ethernet Remote I/O System is an ideal choice for cask temperature monitoring. The NCS accepts any TC or RTD and transmits that data over the plant’s Ethernet backbone to their control system and historian. Since the NCS is field expandable, as they add more fuel and casks the additional points are easy to add and immediately accessible to the historian and control system.

Key Attributes:

  • RTD and TC to Ethernet conversion
  •  -40 to 85C ambient operating specifications
  • Embedded webserver for temperature viewing and programming via any web browser

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