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Drum Level PID Backup Controller

Drum level control for a boiler at Power plants is very critical to daily operations.  If there was a fault with the primary controller handling the PID level control, it is quite likely that power product would stop or be severely hampered. 

Drum Level PID Backup Controller

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Consider the ¼ DIN 531 Hot PID Backup Station for these and other mission-critical applications.  The 531 is specially designed for applications where it is the secondary control master on critical loops.  In normal operations the 531 simply monitors the 4-20mA signal passing through it to the final control element.  If there is a catastrophic failure of the primary PID controller, the 531 picks up where the primary left off and takes over PID control.  A notification is sent to the primary controller or other watchdog systems to let facility operations know that there has been a problem and the secondary PID controller has taken over. The 532 features a large vacuum fluorescent display with a large five digit upper display and two nine-character lines of alphanumerics.

Key Attributes:

  • Easy to configure
  • HOT PID Backup station
  • Large display with local indication of PV and CV-Nema 4X case with UL Approval

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