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Critical Trip for Hydrogen Purity

The thermal conductivity of pure hydrogen makes for an efficient cooling medium for generators. However, under normal use contaminant like oil, vapor, water or air decrease the purity of the hydrogen. As the hydrogen contaminates cooling efficiency decreases and generation output decreases.  That leads to loss of revenue and replacement power costs.

It is not unusual to have alarm contacts integral to your hydrogen purity analyzer. However, the commercial issues are important enough that many will have a redundant trip source for this application.

Critical Trip H2 PurityDownload the PDF file

Our SPA2 Programmable Limit Alarm Trip's 20-bit input resolution with the Low Limit Process Alarm feature ensures that you will be notified when hydrogen purity decays.

The SPA2 can perform process alarming plus diagnostic alarming with as many as four output relays. Input and relays are all user-configurable. You can choose to latch your relays to force acknowledgment. The display is a full five digits and also has five alpha characters for your engineering units. Power the unit with AC or DC as the power supply is auto sensing.

Key Attributes:

  • Process and diagnostic alarming
  • Up to four output relays
  • Site- and PC-Programmable with password protection


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