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Critical Pump Protection – Cooling Systems/Tower

Pumps are extremely critical devices at Power facilities.  If pumps fail, turbines and other key parts of the power generation plant will be shut down. One common point of failure in pumps is bearing failure.  Most large pumps have bearings that wear out over time and temperature is normally a good way to monitor the pump bearings looking for wear or simply to perform routine maintenance.  While control systems can monitor pumps many times these pumps are remote to the control room.


Critical Pump Protection – Cooling Systems/Tower

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Using a TC or RTD and a SPA2 Site Programmable Alarm Trip is an effective local layer of protection strategy.  The Class I Div 2/Zone 2 SPA2 includes up to four programmable SPTD relays rated at 5AAC that can be programmed to warn of pending pump failure. Powered with a universal power supply the SPA2 can be programmed via the local pushbuttons or with free PC programming software and a USB cable.

Key Attributes:

  • Universal temperature sensor input
  • Four programmable relays rated at 5AAC, 250VAC
  • Easy programming and universal power supply

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