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Temperature Sensor Drift Alert – Advanced Diagnostics

Many process facilities have several points of temperature that have to be monitored.  Many of these measurements utilize redundant or dual element RTDs and require exceptional accuracy and repeatability.

Temperature Sensor Drift Alert – Advanced Diagnostics
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For instances where two elements are used, the TDZ3/THZ3 Smart HART Dual Input Temperature transmitters have sensor drift alert detection capability to warn you when one sensor has started to drift from the other.  This is particularly useful in applications that demand an accurate and repeatable secondary sensor. The THZ3/TDZ3 transmitter family can be HART or DTM programmed and carries worldwide approvals. 

Key Attributes:

  • Advanced sensor diagnostics – Sensor drift detection for RTD or T/C measurements
  • HART or DTM programmable
  • Worldwide hazardous area approvals

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