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Cathodic Protection Rectifier Measurements

Corrosion of production structures and pipelines is costly in terms of the environmental impact and production loss. Impressed current protection systems can protect those structures but the Rectifiers should be monitored to assure proper functionality.  If an RTU is already installed near the rectifier and the RTU is on the SCADA network, connecting the rectifier to the SCADA is quite simple. We simply connect the rectifier signals to the local RTU.

Cathodic Protection Rectifier Measurements
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Signal conversion is typically required for the high DC Voltage and Current outputs of the rectifier. Moore Industries’ has provided thousands of ECT Signal Isolator and Converters over the years to make these exact signal conversions. One model of ECT converts the rectifier voltage output of 0-100Vdc or 0-50Vdc to 4-20mA. The high level of DC Current output (0-100A or 0-50A) passes through a metering shunt which produces 0-50mVdc. Another model of ECT converts the 0-50mVdc into 4-20mA signals which are easy for the RTU to process.

The ECTs are most commonly output loop-powered by the RTU, but they can be provided to be mains (or line) powered.

Key Attributes:

  • Ambient temperature: -40 to 85°C
  • Isolation: 1500Vrms
  • Housing: Rugged Aluminum DIN mount enclosure


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