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BPCS does not support HART multidrop

DCS and other BPCS used to control processes offer HART input cards, but not all those cards support HART multidrop functionality. Yet multidrop may well be ideal for the infrastructure available.

BPCS does not support HART multidrop
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The Model HES can bridge that technology gap perfectly. As a HART master, the HES supports one or four HART networks and converts all gathered HART data to MODBUS/TCP. Each network can have as many as 16 devices. Assuming the transmitters support Command 9 that is eight variables we retrieve from each device. 8 variables x 16 devices x four networks = 512 variables sitting in MODBUS registers waiting for the request from the MODBUS/TCP host.

Additionally, the Model HES can retrieve as many as 25 diagnostic bytes with Command 48 from each of the 64 devices.

Key Attributes:

  • Gets more process data to BPCS with limited input card capability
  • Delivers valuable diagnostic data to enable preventive maintenance
  • Keeping the signal digital increases accuracy and saves money

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