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Signal Splitter - Sharing Critical Signals

Most processing facilities have large basic process control systems that control and monitor most of the plants.  However, there are other silos of control and monitoring by PLC systems that come with other critical or specialized machinery. 

Signal Splitter - Sharing Critical Signals
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In situations where these key process signals need to be shared between these systems, turn to the ECT Signal Splitter.  The Class I Div 2/Zone 2 ECT DIN splitters accept one input and outputs two identically isolated outputs to each of the two process systems. This allows either system to be taken out of the loop without affecting the availability of the other loop.  Since the ECT splitter is a four wire unit, it has an optional input loop power supply that can be used to power the connected transmitter.

Key Attributes:

  • Full four way isolation up to 500Vrms between power and all input/outputs
  • RFI/EMI resistant and hardened aluminum case
  • Zero and span potentiometers for onsite calibration

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