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IEC 61508 Certified SIL 3 Capable Signal Isolator/Repeater

Many manufacturing facilities and operations have critical monitoring areas like high pressure steam lines that if not monitored closely could cause serious injury to personnel and process equipment.  Often Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) are put into place after HAZOP studies. 

IEC 61508 Certified SIL 3 Capable Signal Isolator/Repeater

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If the SIS is implemented consider looking to the SSX Functional Safety Signal Isolator.  The SSX is an exida approved SIL 3 capable isolator with HART pass-through capability.  The SSX allows you to share that critical process variable, whether steam or temperature, with both your SIS logic solver and your Basic Process Control System or Asset Manager.  This affords you the protection and added safety by not having to worry about losing your primary safety loop when you work on your secondary BPCS-side loop.

Key attributes:

  • SSX is exida approved and SIL 3 capable
  • Class I Div 2/Zone 2 approvals
  • HART pass-through allows critical signals to be shared with asset manager

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