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HART Signal Isolator/Repeater

You can’t always plan for every loop condition in a chemical plant.  Sometimes input cards are active and sometimes passive.  Field transmitters are sometimes line powered (four-wire) which usually have active outputs, and sometimes they are passive (two-wire).  Has the Basic Process Control System been updated with HART smart input cards?  Has there been a new asset manager installed that needs the HART signal? 


Chemical and Specialty Chemical

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When those unplanned situations exist, you can turn to the HIT HART Pass-through Signal Isolator.  The HIT isolator provides superior noise rejection and full three-way isolation with HART pass-through capability.  Another very important feature of the HIT is that the output will track the input all the way to 0mA when it fails; as opposed to most other isolators that simply go to 4mA – which is always difficult to ascertain between a failure of the input or just 0% scale. Lastly, the HIT can be used on non-HART or HART based loops when asset managers need that valuable diagnostic and calibration data.

Key Attributes:

  • Class I Div 2/Zone 2 approval
  • HART pass-through capability
  • Output tracks to 0mA on failed input

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