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Cathodic Protection Monitoring Systems

Monitoring cathodic protection rectifiers is important to verify their proper functioning. There may be rectifiers located in areas where you have no RTUs or PLCs available to get the rectifier signals on the network and back to the SCADA. In those cases, you will want an instrument that will measure all your rectifier signals and digitize them to be transmitted back to the SCADA. A good choice of instrument for this is the Moore Industries Cathodic Protection Monitoring System (CPMS).

Cathodic Protection Monitoring SystemDownload the PDF file

The typical signals off your rectifier are DC output voltage 0-100V, DC current through a metering shunt producing 0-100mV, structure to reference voltage -5V to 0 to +5V and you may have a 4-20mA signal representing rectifier temperature. Rectifiers commonly have redundant AC feeds and you will want to monitor the circuit breakers for each in the form of a discrete input.

Moore Industries’ CPMS can be configured to monitor one or two rectifiers. Once the rectifier signals are measured, they are stored in MODBUS registers and can be read either using serial MODBUS RTU or Ethernet MODBUS/TCP.

GPS can be added so banks of rectifiers can be turned off to better measure your pipeline voltages.

Key attributes: 

  • Simultaneous dual MODBUS RTU and Ethernet communications
  • Quick and simple programming using a web browser
  • GPS Time feature provides an optional method for keeping accurate time

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