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High Accuracy Temperature Measurement

Accurate and repeatable temperature control batch processes for many industries is paramount.  Several batch processes cannot be validated for sale or distributed unless accurate temperature control is maintained and documented.

High Accuracy Temperature Measurement

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When the best accuracy is required, look to using the TDZ3 or THZ3 Smart HART Temperature Transmitters with sensor matching for optimum performance. The RTD and transmitter will be match and calibrated together in our NIST traceable calibration lab and are supplied with a full traceability calibration report.  The TDZ3 and THZ3 have a 20-bit front end A/D to allow the most precise trimming capabilities to ensure that the as found RTD curve is adjusted to the published RTD curve for most accurate measurements. 

Key Attributes:

  • 20-bit front end A/D allows industry-best calibration and measurement
  • NIST traceable calibration and report
  • Worldwide hazardous area approvals

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