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Moore Industries Increases Efficiency at Water and Wastewater Facilities

water waste waterAs record droughts continue across the western United States, having a viable and efficient solution for treating water supplies and wastewater created by industrial applications is essential. Effective treatments can save large amounts of water while problems in water and wastewater treatment can lead to increased costs, reduced water treatment, and even hazardous conditions.

Moore Industries has helped many different organizations improve their methods of treating water and wastewater. Whether the water is meant to be potable for public consumption or is being treated for reuse in other industrial applications, our products make operations more efficient and give site administrations more control over the process.

One example is the Onondaga County Water Authority (OCWA) in Central New York, which supplies water from Otisco Lake and Lake Ontario to more than 345,000 retail and wholesale customers. An upgrade allowed operators to upgrade the control room from manual analog control to a fully automated SCADA system utilizing Ethernet and MODBUS network communications.

At the heart of the system was NCS NET Concentrator System®, a solution that employed isolated I/O modules to eliminate signal loop interference on the Ethernet control network. This stopped ground loops and signal aberrations at any location from affecting other measurements in the facility. In addition, the use of a field concentrator makes it easy to connect both existing and new process control signals and sensors to the control strategy. Such an approach expands control schemes by concentrating I/O remotely and significantly reduces wiring costs.

You can read about this in the “Distributed I/O and Remote I/O Solution Improves Performance and Reliability of Water Treatment Plant” white paper available at our website. You can also read the 555 Controller datasheet, which discusses how this product is specifically designed to assist in controlling the amount of chlorine in water and wastewater.

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