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Hydraulic Safety Pressure Switch on Mine Winder

MineAustralia exported $34 billion in coal in 2015-2016 which has made it the largest global coal exporter by volume (Australian Government, 2016). There are 44,000 people directly employed in the coal industry making safety in mines an important issue. Moore Industries works hard to provide peace of mind with the reliability and ruggedness industry has come to depend on. The Moore Industries FS FUNCTIONAL SAFETY SERIES exida® SIL 2 and SIL 3 capable STA Safety Trip Alarm performs as a logic solver and acts on potentially hazardous process conditions to meet the needs of safe mine transportation. 

The Problem

Properly working underground coal mine hydraulics, used to operate the control of the braking system of the winder, is vital when moving mine personnel underground or bringing them to the surface. It is extremely important to ensure that the machine is stopped if low or high pressure is detected online from the hydraulic pump that operates the winder. With personnel safety involved, we can't afford any cable slip. 

The Solution

The STA, SIL 2 and SIL 3 Capable Programmable Current/Voltage Safety Trip Alarms are utilized for mine winder monitoring. The STA warns of unwanted process conditions, provides emergency shutdown, or provides on/off control in Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) as well as traditional alarm trip applications. 


The STA makes an excellent choice for monitoring hydraulic pressure on the Mine Winder and assuring it will shut down the winder should any pressure changes occur. 


Contact Moore Industries-Pacific Basin/Asia for your needs in Australia.


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Do you want more information? Check out the STA datasheet or the Functional Safety - IEC 61508 line card line card.

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