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HART Signal Interference

Problem: After installing several HART smart field devices into our process, we found the HART FSK signal was being interpreted by the DCS as noise and causing control upsets. We want to utilize the benefits of HART but can’t tolerate the upsets!

HART Signal Interference Problem Solvers Moore Industries
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Solution: Choose our ECT, FCT, or SIY to serve as “HART Stoppers”. They pass the 4-20mA but block the FSK signal to the DCS. When mounted in the control room, access to the HART signal can still be accomplished on the input side to utilize the HART benefits you had expected.

Model Number Example
ECT / 4-20MA / 4-20MA / 12-42DC [DIN] (shown)
FCT / 4-20MA / 4-20MA / U [DIN]