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EHelp Tips: What is the 2 in IPT2

IPT2 Q:  A field tech told me he installed an IPT2/4-20MA/3-15PSIG/20PSIG/-FA1 [DIN] unit.  In the product bulletin, I don't see a purpose for the trailing "2" in the model name, and I don't see an explanation for -FA1.

A: The “2” in IPT2 indicates that it is the successor to the older IPT. It is a direct replacement with the same form/fit/function with improved performance. This next-generation IPT2 I/P Transmitter provides advanced features including 18 standard pressure output ranges, lower air consumption, quick response to step changes, greater accuracy, drift reduction, and more.

The -FA1 option provides a mounting block for the installation of the unit on DIN rail.  It also designates that the supply and outlet ports are on the bottom of the mounting block, the electrical signal test jacks, and electrical connections are on the front face and that there is no pneumatic test jack. (see table 2 on page 3 of the data sheet for the explanation.)

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