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E-Help Tips: SPA Power Consumption

SPA ppQ: We are considering ordering the Moore Industries SPA/0-100mV/2 PRG/U/-SOL [DIN]. Can we power it using 24VDC? If so, what is the power consumption and how do we terminate? Also, can you please confirm whether this unit is Class 1 Div2, group A,B,C,D?

A: The SPA can be powered with 24VDC. It accepts any source voltage in the ranges of 22-300Vdc or 90-260Vac. Power Consumption is 2-4W, nominal; 6W, maximum.

If you specify the -HS option (hermetically sealed relays) then it is approved for Class 1 Division 2 locations when installed in an enclosure that provides sufficient mechanical and environmental protection. Usually, a NEMA 4 rated box will serve. See page 1 of the data sheet (click the link to open the download page).

The sample model number with -HS option and with a NEMA 4 enclosure is:
SPA/0-120MV/2PRG/U/-SOL-HS [R3H]. 

The –SOL option in this model number indicates a specially engineered SPA used to monitor the health of solenoid valve coils.


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