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the WORM – Field Cuttable Temperature Sensor

Every oil and gas site uses a vast array of different length solid sheathed, spring loaded RTDs and thermocouples.  Stocking these various lengths for every temperature measurement point can be very costly and time consuming.

the WORM – Field Cuttable Temperature Sensor

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To lower inventory needs and increase your quality of temperature measurements, consider the WORM Flexible Temperature Sensor that comes in just about every type of RTD and Thermocouple.  With a quick measurement and a simple in-field trim-to-length, the WORM handles nearly every thermowell assembly.  The smaller mass of the WORM yields a 13% faster response time, minimizes ambient temperature effects and with its proprietary potting offers better resilience to high vibration environments, which is a common cause of failure with RTDs.  You can buy a single WORM, pack or three or save more money by ordering 10 in a can of WORMS.

Key Attributes:

  • Flexible WORM sensor fits almost any thermowell length
  • 13% faster response time
  • More resilient in high vibration applications that fixed-length solid sheathed RTDs
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