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Use the SSX to Pass Critical HART Information

A plant upgraded to new Smart HART® field transmitters but was still using their original field-mounted isolators. This meant that engineers in the control room were unable to access the HART transmitters – mitigating the benefits of performing the upgrade.

Moore Industries solved this problem with an installation of SSX HART Isolators. They offer full isolation and seamless HART communication capabilities with field transmitters including:

  • Unlike traditional isolators, the SSX allows the HART signal to "pass" through so that critical HART diagnostic data can be read from the control room.
  • HART PV data and status information is available at any termination point on both sides of the isolator..
  • Calibration, field configuration or interrogation of the HART field transmitter can be accomplished from the host control system or asset manager..

The two-wire (loop powered) SSX and four-wire (line/mains powered) SST are part of the FS Functional Safety Series from Moore Industries and are exida-approved for use in an SIS up to SIL 3 in monitor mode, where only the input circuit is part of the safety function. For single use mode, the SSX and SST are approved for use in an SIS up to SIL 2.

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