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Isolate Your Loops While Passing Along Valuable HART Data

Signal isolators are highly economical solutions to common and costly problems that plague many of today’s smart process loops such as ground loop and ambient electromagnetic noise problems. But they do much more than that: they can be used to share and split process signals and even enhance your plant-wide HART investment by also passing valuable HART data to and from your host systems.

HIX HIT Moore IndustriesThe 2-wire (loop powered) HIX or the 4-wire (line-mains powered) HIT enable you to safely share the HART output of one transmitter with a secondary control or recording device. This allows for redundancy without further burden on or risk to a process loop. With up to 1500Vrms of isolation capability, these HART passthrough isolators protect I/O cards from damaging surges, spikes and transients. Employing these HART isolators to loops also breaks the common galvanic path that can pass dangerous overloads from the BPCS or control host to the transmitter or vice-versa– even when the equipment is supposedly “isolated” already.

SST Family Moore IndustriesThe exida-approved, SIL 3 capable 2-wire (loop powered) SSX and 4-wire (line/mains powered) SST Safety Isolators and Splitters are ideal for use in settings where safety is critical. They protect safety systems by isolating an SIS from basic process control or monitoring systems so that disconnections or other failures don’t impact the safety system. They also have 1500Vrms of isolating capability to protect safety I/O cards and systems from surges, spikes and transients in the field. Standard 20V/m RFI and EMI protection stops the harmful effects caused by radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference.

Like the HIX and HIT, the SSX and SST protect and enhance loops and also pass valuable HART data from the field transmitter to host systems and vice-versa. In addition, the SST Splitter model takes the input from one of your process signals and creates two identical, completely isolated outputs to two separate monitoring or control devices. This facilitates maintenance on either output loop without losing the signal on the other output loop. Plus, the optional Loop Maintenance Zener Diode allows the SSX and SST to be removed from the loop for maintenance without interrupting your safety function.

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