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SSX and SST Safety Isolators and Splitters Receive General and Hazardous Area Approvals from Factory Mutual (FM)

SST Family Moore Industries ppMoore Industries’ SSX and SST Safety Isolators and Splitters have achieved Factory Mutual (cFMus) approval as a Non-Incendive apparatus. This allows the products to be used in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D Hazardous “Classified” Areas in both the United States and Canada. The SSX and SST are part of the Moore Industries FS FUNCTIONAL SAFETY SERIES and provide reliable isolation and signal conversion in potentially hazardous environments.

The two-wire (loop powered) SSX and four-wire (line/mains powered) SST have been certified by exida for single use in Safety Instrumented Systems up to SIL 2. With the new cFMus certification, the SSX and SST can now be used in both General (safe) and Hazardous Locations. This means that the SSX and SST can be used in process areas and industries where potentially explosive gases and vapors may be present including:

  • Oil and natural gas refineries
  • Offshore oil and gas rigs
  • Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical plants

The SSX and SST are ideal products for use in settings where safety is critical. They protect safety systems by isolating an SIS from basic process control or monitoring systems so that disconnections or other failures don’t impact the safety system. They also have 1500Vrms of isolating capability to protect safety I/O cards and systems from surges, spikes and transients in the field. Standard 20V/m RFI and EMI protection stops the harmful effects caused by radio frequencies and electromagnetic interference.

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