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E-Help Tip: Choosing the Right Input Option for the FDY

Q: I need to order an FDY transmitter for monitoring up to 13600 Hz from a magnetic pickup on a gas turbine for speed indication. Do you recommend the PRG or 10-250V input option?

 FDY pp no green

A: Either model is compatible with the frequency you mentioned. The PRG input is normally correct for magnetic pickups. Some will put out a pulse voltage above 30Vac (the maximum for the PRG input), but this can be lowered by moving the pickup farther from the target. Use the 10-250AC input if you are certain that the voltage pulse will be above the PRG’s upper limit. But with this model, the pulse must be at least 10Vac.

Please note that the 10-250Vac input is not available with I.S. approvals.

Model Examples:

FDY/PRG/4-20MA/12-42DC [HP]
FDY/10-250AC/4-20MA/12-42DC [HP]


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