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Redundant HART Multidrop Flow Metering Skid

When the gas metering division for a customer in Malaysia needed a way to provide redundancy and high measurement resolution for their Metering Skids, Moore Industries had the solution with the HES HART to Ethernet Gateway System. The customer’s gas metering application required four HART transmitters to be multidrop wired for communication with two FLOW computers, for redundancy. Their existing system allowed for a multidrop of four HART transmitters back to one flow computer; however, their flow computers did not allow for primary and secondary HART master modes. This meant redundancy was not available to the customer, as only one flow computer was able to see the transmitter measurements. If redundant input cards were wired into the process using HART communication, only one transmitter would be available to send its signal back to the flow computers. As a result, two of the customer’s main requirements for the application could not be met at the same time.

Redundant HART Multidrop Flow Metering Skid

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Moore Industries HES can be configured as a HART primary or secondary master, capable of having up to 16 HART devices on a multidrop network in a single-channel configuration (64 in a four-channel configuration). With this capability, two HES were able to simultaneously receive the measurements from the four HART transmitters and act as redundant masters. By wiring two redundant flow computers to the two HES through a network switch, the flow computers were also able to simultaneously receive the HART transmitter measurements; this allowed the customer to meet their need for redundancy. In addition, the HES provided the best available resolution for their transmitter measurements via HART communication.

Key Attributes

  • Can be configured as a Primary or Secondary HART Host and polls up to 16 field devices on each of its four channels (total of 64 field devices maximum per HES).
  • High-resolution quality by utilizing HART protocol.
  • Acquisition of both process and diagnostic data from up to 64 smart HART devices for Ethernet-based systems and hosts.