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Advanced Temperature with AIS Input

When temperature points need to be monitored in hazardous locations where explosive atmospheres can occur, consider using an Associated IS temperature transmitters, especially when the method of protection is Intrinsic Safety.  When Intrinsic Safety (IS) is chosen as the facility's protection method, intrinsically safe barriers for all of the RTD and TCs can be quite expensive, engineering intensive and space consuming. 

Advanced Temperature with AIS Input

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One solution to this problem is to install DIN rail temperature transmitters in the field, close to the process, that has built-in intrinsically safe barriers.  The THZ3 DIN rail temperature transmitter is considered an associated IS device because it has the IS barrier embedded in the transmitter so it can connect to temperature elements that are located in Class I Div 1 or Zone 0/1 hazardous areas.  Moreover, by implementing this strategy you eliminate the common drift and corrosion problems associated with long TC lead wire runs that lead to expensive and troublesome measurement errors.

Key Attributes:

  • IS barrier built into THZ3, reducing needs for external IS barriers
  • Eliminate errors due to TC extension wire
  • Dual input capability and input corrosion detection

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