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STA Aids in Functional Safety Coal Gas Extraction Application Down Under


Moore Industries-Pacific recently sold 221 STA Safety Trip Alarms to be used in a Functional Safety coal gas extraction application in Australia. A Coal Seam Gas exploration company with hundreds of sites in Queensland has production wells with up to 10 inputs controlled locally by Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). The STA will be implemented as part of their independent Protection System with a level alarm on each wellhead separator. Larger volume production wells may need up to four separators per RTU panel.

The Coal Seam Gas exploration company has been using our SPA2 alarms in this application since 2005. Their reliability and simplicity of programming have made Moore Industries the company’s first choice alarm provider. They chose the STA over the SPA2 for this project due to the fact that the STA is a SIL 3-capable device and provided additional diagnostic coverage to continually check the alarm trip's operational status and health.

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